hot tub keeps tripping breaker

Electrical components that are shorting out will feel warm to the touch. If it holds now, it was most likely condensation. the tub was running OK - changed the filters and a scum build up appeared and cannot get rid of no matter how much shock and ph - we put in. If the inside of your control box is damp, locate the source of the moisture, protect your box from future water exposure, and allow it to thoroughly dry out before testing the GFCI. Your GFCI should have a visible reset button. Commercial Electrician / 240V Spas. Tagged as: Hot Tub, hot tub breakers, hot tub gfci, hot tub tripping beaker, Spa,. When your GFCI trips, it’s an indication that something unexpected has happened with your electrical supply. To isolate a faulty switch or wire, disconnect wires one at a time to each switch, then test the GFCI to see if any individual wire causes it to trip. Replace any components which grew warm during your test. Your spa’s electrical contacts have become corroded. GFCI issues are a relatively common occurrence with hot tubs, and often can be resolved with little fuss or expense. Wellness awaits you. You might be able to notice signs of damage or corrosion in this part of your hot tub. My Jets Aren’t Working. Ever since you first brought it home, it’s provided you with nothing but peace, relaxation, and comfort. The hot tub is outside, right up against the basement wall. If your hot tub’s breaker switch senses any issues with the electrical current, it will shut off power to your hot tub to keep … At Hot SpringⓇ Spas, we believe in providing the best possible ownership experience for our hot tub customers. For 220V hookup: Check your breaker box. A GFCI—a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter—is a device used to protect your hot tub from unusual fluctuations or deviations in your power supply. Why is the hot tub breaker tripping? Call our team 24/7 for help with any of your electrical needs, and we'll get one of our professionals out immediately. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. If your breaker is not tripping but your hot tub still isn’t heating, testing voltage to the heater using a multi-meter will help determine the cause. Except for one small thing: The GFCI circuit breaker keeps tripping, shutting off the power to your spa just when you’re settling in for a soak. Since the work was done the breaker tripped frequently. If the breaker is tripped, reset your breaker. The best way to find components for your hot tub is often by visiting the dealer who sold it to you. If the breaker is tripping because of moisture, then the GFCI is doing its job correctly and protecting against electric shock around water. When a GFCI detects an anomaly in the electrical supply, such as a ground fault or a short circuit, it interrupts the circuit and cuts off all electricity to your spa. Ground faults and short circuits occur when electricity takes a path the designers of the circuit didn’t intend. 0 0. Our hot tub breaker keeps cutting out. If any of them cause your GFCI to trip when you turn your hot tub on, the faulty component will most likely need to be serviced or replaced. Scottsdale Electrician. They’ll also have experience diagnosing and repairing similar problems and may be able to offer repair services or advice. The reason I'm explaining what a GFCI breaker does is to go a step further based on the diagnoses of your "hot tub tech". If you wanted to lie around in warm, unmoving water, you’d just take a bath. Your GFCI may be wired incorrectly. One of the main reasons that a hot tub breaker keeps tripping is that there is something going on that shouldn’t be inside the breaker box. What could be wrong inside ? Ask your dealer or an electrician. Many people make the mistake of calling their Electrician first and costing them a wasted service call fee. Before beginning this procedure, ensure the GFCI circuit breaker is wired properly. The wire goes through he basement wall, directly into the back of the disconnect, which is about 5 feet from the hot tub. Problems with the heating elements are among the most common causes of GFCI issues. As water can result from leaks, rain and splashout, you may be able to remedy the tripping problem by moving the breaker box farther away from the hot tub … Please don’t attempt this yourself. However, because electricity and water are an extremely dangerous combination, make sure you know what you’re doing before troubleshooting any electrical problems. To reduce the risk of the electrical supply coming in contact with water, the National Electrical Code requires that the electrical components, including the GFCI, be located a minimum of six feet away from your hot tub. If you open the box and shine a torch inside, you may find that there is excess moisture in there. A breaker is designed to shut off when the current that passes through it exceeds its rating, but it may get unusually warm without tripping if the current remains at or just below the rating. Armed with a little knowledge, you should be able to diagnose the problem with your GFCI and find a way to fix it, either by repairing it yourself or by calling upon the knowledge and services of your hot tub dealer or a licensed electrician. Inspect each contact and replace any that show signs of corrosion. Licensed, Bonded, & Insured, Electrician Services / Every time a light turns on, thank an electrician. No lights on the display, no sounds, nothing at all. These buttons are usually red and are clearly labeled “reset.” To reset your GFCI, simply press the button. While some hot tubs are designed to plug into a traditional 120-volt outlet, most will require the installation of both a GFCI circuit breaker and a dedicated electrical outlet designed to handle the increased voltage—generally 220 to 240 volts—necessary to power your spa. I started the tub up and it ran for 24 hours. The hot tub is the only one that keeps tripping. This step is for troubleshooting only. Hot tub problems that involve electricity usually deal with the breaker switch. There’s a short in one or more of your electric components. The box also contains breakers for the pool filter, and outdoor lighting, which all work fine. Your hot tub heater may be corroded or otherwise damaged. The breaker on the inside panel is also a 50 amp breaker. My hot tub tripped the breaker on the GFCI plug. We're interested in a Hot Springs Jetsetter LX, based simply on comments here. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our … With the spa on, test both of the leads on the element at the same time. If you aren’t confident in your ability to safely troubleshoot electrical problems, call in a knowledgeable and experienced professional. Use this procedure if the spa continually trips the breaker during operation. If the two speed pump motor is running for more than two hours, heating up, then tripping the breaker, this could mean that over time the motor is allowing electrical current to pass to ground, causing the fault, which the breaker will sense and then shutting down. Heating Element Keeps Tripping Breaker. That’s why we strive to provide resources and support for our hot tub owners long after their spa has been delivered and installed. ... (Houston area) and currently have $14,000 budgeted for a hot tub, which now I'm not sure will even be enough for the cost of the hot tub by itself. Recent Customer Comments. It also has a 50 amp GFI breaker. When you reset the button or switch and it keeps tripping, there is something else awry with your hot tub or the electrical wiring. The control box containing your GFCI has been exposed to moisture, such as rainwater or condensation. We recommend using a Square D brand GFCI. Plugged the hot tub back in and the light came on (lavitron GFCI plug) indicating power but the hot tub will not come back on. If your GFCI repeatedly trips whenever you turn on your hot tub, it means there’s an ongoing problem that must be addressed and resolved. Plug would not reset so I replaced the plug. If water has damaged any electrical components, replace them. For Spa Service Technicians and Home Owners alike, one of the most common Hot Tub problems, is a GFCI Breaker that trips and will not reset. An improperly-wired hot tub can result in electrocution or an electrical fire. Inspect your heater for visible signs of damage, and try operating your hot tub with the heater disconnected to see if the GFCI problem reoccurs. Source(s): Hot Tub is Not Heating. There may be an issue with one of your hot tub’s components, such as the heater, the pumps, or the entertainment system. I have a smart touch 1000. When the breaker was on the hot tub circuit, (the hot tub has a separate panel box at a different location), the neutral from the hot tub circuit was on the neutral bar, not on the breaker. The hot tubs breaker trips when there is an electrical fault or short circuit in the hot tub. Problem: If no power is reaching your hot tub, the first thing you usually check is whether or not the GFCI or circuit breaker has been tripped. If it works with the non-GFCI breaker, and the tub is warm and the pumps have been run for a bit to warm them, change back to the GFCI breaker. If it immediately trips even though nothing is attached to it, your GFCI is most likely faulty and will need to be replaced. The chances are that there is some loose wiring somewhere, some moisture has got into an electrical component or something like the heating element needs replacing. This is intended for use by spa service technicians only. The hot tub breaker box is usually on the side of the house. ©Copyright 1996 - 2021, Watkins Wellness®. Your GFCI may trip at seemingly random intervals, either while you’re in the middle of a soak or when your hot tub is not in use. This will restore the electricity supply to your spa. Replaced GFCI – Hot Tub Dead. I had an electrician come out to my house yesterday to make sure I had everything wired up OK. Most likely, you’ll find your GFCI in the control panel located close to or containing the outlet your spa or hot tub uses. Electrical work such as installing a hot tub or making adjustments to its components or wiring must be performed by a licensed electrician and must adhere to all local and national electrical codes. If the breaker trips immediately after resetting it, you probably have a direct short and need to call for service. Our hot tub is tripping the gfci about every two weeks.. .. Please see your local dealer to verify. If these components can be individually disconnected from your GFCI, disconnect them all, then reconnect and test them one at a time. GFCI issues are a relatively common occurrence with hot tubs, and often can be resolved with little fuss or expense. The breaker may have too low an amperage rating for the circuit. Then the breaker started cutting out. If … If you’re not certain which model or configuration to purchase, talk to a repair professional or licensed electrician. ), running the hot tub and seeing if it still trips. I just installed a used hot tub at my house and it appears the heater is tripping my breaker. There are many reasons your hot tub could be tripping the breaker, because even well-kept hot tubs and spas can develop small issues that will turn into bigger issues if left unattended. Except for one small thing: The GFCI circuit breaker keeps tripping, shutting off the power to your spa just when you’re settling in for a soak. If it is your tub and its tripping as soon as you switch it on, its probably either a faulty pump, blower, heater or circuit board. I was able to remove those jets and just ordered the new. While he was doing checks he disconnected the red and black leads that go to the heater and the breaker stopped tripping. I have had the hot tub for over seven years and has worked fine all this time. I did what you said and the breaker does turn on the range with out tripping. For some reason my Dream Maker X600 spa keeps tripping a breaker every . Because the main element of a hot tub is of course water, the electrical components need to … With the power to your spa disconnected, tug gently on each connection, then tighten and secure any that seem to be loose. Don’t try to reset the breaker again. Take the next step to owning a Hot Spring spa by exploring more. Had spa rebuilt with neweverything. Our hot tub breaker keeps cutting out. I … Then switch the breaker back on, then switch your tub on at the isolator. A GFCI circuit breaker that trips constantly is at best a nuisance, and could be an indication of a potentially hazardous situation with your hot tub. KC. Short Circuits. Whether they need help with a maintenance question or in locating a replacement part, our knowledgeable local dealers and informational website are there to help them every step of the way. … - If you have been unable to locate the problem, start disconnecting components one at a time (light, ozonator, blower etc. Hot tub GFI keeps tripping!! There are a few reasons why your GFCI might trip each time you power up your hot tub: Once again, it’s important to stress that electricity can be harmful or fatal. 7 years ago. Be safe, not sorry! Emergency Electrician / Hot tub heaters can become corroded or damaged, resulting in a circuit breaker that keeps tripping when you want to use your hot tub. One or more electrical connections is loose. If the circuit breaker keeps tripping then there is a problem that’s needs sorting out. thespamaster on Customer Feedback Turn the jet counterclockwise until you reach the stop and then force past the stop. They will have advanced knowledge of your specific model and will either have parts in stock, or will be able to order them for you. As a reminder, always turn off your hot tub and disconnect it from the power supply before attempting any repairs. After being in the tub for an hour with the jets and stereo on it tripped the breaker at the hot tub. At Turn It On Electric, we're committed to getting the job done right the first time. Ive looked for obvious problems and cant find any. My Jacuzzi keeps tripping the GFCI breaker - Answered by a verified Pool and Spa Expert We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Disconnect all hot tub components from your GFCI, then reset it. When this interruption occurs, it’s often referred to as “tripping” the GFCI. The breaker is dedicated strickly to the hot tub. If your GFCI constantly trips, one of the following issues might be the culprit: Your local hardware store will likely have replacement GFCIs and components for sale, or you can order them online. The breaker switch is the part of your hot tub that controls the electricity coming from the power source to your hot tub. Spa troubleshooting for tripping breaker . If it won’t reset or trips again, call your Nordic Dealer for service. Even if you’ve never experienced any electrical problems with your hot tub, make sure you know where your GFCI is located. From there, the wire is in conduit going directly into the hot tub. When you reset the breaker it runs for 5 min and trips again. Call us now at. I thought right away that the indoor GFCI breaker tripped, but within a second, the . Kathleen VanBergen on Customer Feedback Thank you so much for your helpful reply. Better Business Bureau. professional electrician repair this problem, Contact Turn It On Electric if you need to repair your circuit breaker, Problems with the GFCI that are making it faulty, Problems with a hot tub component or parts, such as a pump or heater, Incorrect wiring in your GFCI that needs to be corrected. hottub keeps tripping hi ... DO NOT GET IN THE HOT TUB WITH A NON-GFCI BREAKER INSTALLED! A tripped breaker is probably not a sign for panic or a fear that your wallet will be drained. GFCI Breaker Tripping. Hot Tub Gfci Keeps Tripping. The element is a common cause for tripping the breaker because the shielding value can change as the element heats and expands. Call a pro to determine if a ground fault is why your circuit breaker keeps tripping. Sometimes pumps can easily be fixed and Dr Hot Tub will make sure you don’t pay ‘over the odds’ with your repair if he can help it. Had a different local tech come out and they determined that 1) 2 speed pump was bad and 2) ozonator that was installed had mismatched voltage with system. Unless you’re confident in your ability to address GFCI issues yourself, always consult a professional hot tub repair expert or electrician. A tripped GFCI can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to get in the way of your enjoyment of your hot tub. In many cases your hot tub and swimming pool contractor can easily pinpoint the issue, address it and get you back in for a soak! Run your spa for 15 minutes, then turn it off, unplug your tub, and inspect your components by hand. Heated to 102 and we used it the second night. In the case of a 240-volt, 50-, 40- or 30-amp breaker getting hot… Finally, you’re the owner of the hot tub you’ve always wanted. the tub was running OK - changed the filters and a scum build up appeared and cannot get rid of no matter how much shock and ph - we put in. There may be an issue with your GFCI. Then the breaker … … Actual colors and product may differ from on screen representation. This might be a one-time occurrence, which may be resolved by simply pressing the button to reset the breaker. If the heater does have damage, you might need to have it repaired or replaced. Phoenix Electrician /

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