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Answer 1 of 14: Hello, We are visiting Guangzhou for "Canton Fair" next month, and will be travelling mostly by Metro. Guangzhou city is covered with a huge metro system with 14 lines. There are two large kinds of smart card in the city, the Xiling Card and the Transportation IC Card. If the data in the card can be checked on the spot, the card returning procedure can be done immediately, but if the data can’t be verified immediately, the refund can be collected in 7 working days with the receipt once further verification has been completed. The card cannot be overdrawn. Hangzhou Transportation Smart Card, like the MetroCard in New York City and the Oyster Card in London, can be used on city-buses, some taxis and other public vehicles. Notes for Use  Along with the continuous extension of its application, Yang Cheng Tong has more and more categories such as enterprise card, joint card and membership card. Foshan, China 165 contributions 9 helpful votes. Will the money in the card still be there whenever I … The fare for t… Answer 1 of 14: Hello, We are visiting Guangzhou for "Canton Fair" next month, and will be travelling mostly by Metro. Passengers with this card can avail huge discounts: 5% for the first 15 journeys, and 40% for all subsequent journeys every month. Chen Yu (Chinese: 陈郁), Governor of Guangdong in 1957–1967, was the first to have proposed an underground metro system for Guangzhou.In the summer of 1960, he ordered a secret geological survey of groundwater levels of Guangzhou. It is similar to Shenzhen, so understanding how the system work wasn't that difficult. 1. Made easier with the free MetroMan app to give you alternate routes, times and fees, and a Metro card to save time. Chinese Name: 羊城通 (yáng chéng tōng) 4. A journey shorter than 4 km costs ¥2; ¥1 is charged for every 4 km after 4 km, every 6 km after 12 km, and every 8 km after 24 km. 4. you can buy the card at metro station ,and you can recharge at Tian Tian Laundry or seven eleven (7/11)). Is it easily available in Gz? The girls told me it wasn’t that rare, a few others in different communes … Apply for METRO card To shop at METRO? Board line no.3 metro at both Airport North and Airport South stations and take off at the convenient station. Share. Copyright © 2013 ChinaTour360, All rights reserved. i am a first time visitor to GZ and I want to travel there from Shenzhen. and recharge? (How to Book a High-Speed Train Ticket from the Mainland to HK).Guangzhou–Beijing: There are 5 high-speed trains a day running from Guangzhou South to … By taking those cheap, fast, punctual and convenient metro lines (or called subway lines), you can travel to almost anywhere within the city. Answers (1) Answered by Sarah from France | Nov. 30, 2014 20:18. Everyone is wearing a mask. Full Name: Guangzhou Yang Cheng Tong Smart Card No.only use in Guangzhou, Reply. Fares of Guangzhou Metro currently range from ¥2 (a couple of stations) to ¥22 (the longest journeys). Where to buy Guangzhou Metro Smart Card? I travel from the airport to the city and then multiple times within the city. Metro Beijing Subway. Guangzhou metro was fairly simple to use and get around. Guangzhou APM: This is a short special track that runs parallel to Line 3 and goes through downtown Guangzhou. You may buy a Yang Cheng Tong card(the card has money) at the Metro Customer Service Center but other services, like adding money to the card or getting a refund, are not available; please check with the Service Center if you have questions about your card. Card Changing: If the card malfunctions and it has not been damaged by the user, the Yang Cheng Tong Cards containing a deposit can be exchanged for free. Passengers with this card can avail huge discounts: 5% for the first 15 journeys, and 40% for all subsequent journeys every month. Indian Vegetarian Food Festival celebrated @Parma Eco Valley in Guangzhou on 03rd October, 2020 October 06, 2020 Gandhi Jayanti @Consulate (02nd October, 2020) October 05, 2020 An event on ‘Secrets of Ayurveda on optimum Health’ September 28, 2020 You can also use and app in Alipay or Wechat to take the bus and subway. High resolution map of guangzhou metro. Since its application Dec. 30, 2001, Yang Cheng Tong’s total circulation has topped 16 million. No social distancing on the Guangzhou subway. Balance Transferring and Checking: Except for joint cards and membership cards, the balances in all of the Yang Cheng Tong cards can be transferred to another card. It takes about 0.3 second to complete a transaction and requires no change. Guangzhou metro system also provides group discounts, up to 10%, provided the number of travelers is 30 or more. There have no metro day pass or city pass for traveler in Guangzhou,just have "yangchengtong' in guangzhou,you can use it when take bus or metro,is convient and will enjoy 40% off.

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