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While the moon rules the women of our family/tribe, Venus rules the women we are surrounded with in our community/environment. Mars’ is best channeled towards work and enemies. Related: Venus' clouds join shortlist for potential signs of life in our solar system. Two telescopes in Hawaii and Chile spotted in the thick Venutian clouds the chemical signature of phosphine, a noxious gas that on Earth is only associated with life, according to a study in Monday’s … Hence, it appears on some occasions in between Earth and Sun, whereas on some occasions, it appears in between Venus and Earth. Exaltation – Pisces Venus in Earth signs. You will need your partners full attention and their loyalty. Libra is also a cerebral air sign. It is the planet of love, beauty and comforts. The Earth. This placement is not  exactly known for it’s creativity. As long as Skype works they will be fine. A Venus sign in Leo in love can transform a person whose sun and moon signs are completely different. Since Gemini is an air sign, physical presence isn’t always a necessity. Venus in Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn. THE ROYAL Astronomical Society announced the exciting news that scientists have detected a gas associated with a sign of life in the acidic clouds of Venus. Represents – social urges, values Similar in structure but slightly smaller than Earth, it is the second planet from the sun. With Venus in Aquarius you  will be brought in contact with people from many walks of life and many different backgrounds. It is a social sign though, and keenly aware of others needs. It can be pretty chilly in truth. Earth became more conducive to life while Venus became increasingly inhospitable. Venus in this element is the most prone to non orthodox relationships (open relationships and marriage, friendship with benefits that may actually work etc..) and I think that these individuals may open our eyes that relationships may also evolve as humanity evolves. Phosphine. Something that is keen on the needs of  people. Magnetism is often strong with this placement of Venus. Venus in Cancer isn’t going to share a loved one, physical intimacy is important and that includes physical proximity. Venus in Sagittarius men want a fun, peppy, interesting partner. Uranus. The open nature of Pisces allows for a rich inner world of fantasy that can translate into some incredible art formats. Another favorite past time for many of these natives is reading. A great element for Venus to be in as it will also be crafty and utilize artistic ability into something functional, I have a friend with a grand earth trine with Venus and he has his own art shop. Venus rules our relationship patterns, our aesthetic taste, and the women that we attract into our lives. Detriment – Scorpio/Aries Venus represents, amongst other things, how people both give and receive love. As for compatablity, Venus prefers to be in the same gender as the other Venus of the partner, for they will have the same basic logic, and will be either trine or sextile to each other. Coming with gifts and attention. Jupiter through the Signs . Venus is wrapped in a thick, toxic atmosphere that traps in heat. They value tangible expressions of affection. Phosphine is made naturally by some species of anaerobic bacteria—organisms that live in the oxygen-starved environments of landfills, marshlands, and even animal guts.. To produce … Love is of the utmost importance to Leos: romance is a must in their lives. Venus in water signs crave a sense of intimacy. I. That’s why some astronomers believe the compound isn’t there. Therefore the qualities of Venus that many other signs enjoy here operate on extremes. The sense of touch is big, so wearing comfortable clothes is important. Because of their ideal and sensitive nature, they are unfortunately more prone to heartbreaks because they may have unrealistic expectations (esp piscean/neptune types). Astronomers have found a potential sign of life high in the atmosphere of neighboring Venus: hints there may be bizarre microbes living in the sulfuric acid-laden clouds of the hothouse planet. When your Venus is … In water signs, Venus is most loving and emotionally generous, endlessly loving and nurturing (cancer) their partner, even overlooking some of their flaws (pisces).It can have genuine artistic talent as it expresses itself from the heart. This position of Venus in Cancer there will be a lot of emotional feelings in the relationship. It is involved with the desire for … Emotional security could prove to be more important than material goods. But this Venus doesn’t want to be bored or surrounded by negativity. Completely shrouded by a thick atmosphere choked with carbon … But you have to be careful to be true to yourself and not try to please other on your own expense. As a fixed sign they want to be in control and the foundation of a relationship. Water has good intuition so these natives will know if things aren’t right. Now the potential discovery of the gas on Venus means we're seeing life in a new way Venus will also cover any kind of artistic abilities we may have and in which way would they show. Venus in Libra is more keen on the back and forth verbal exchange than Venus in Gemini, so Venus in Libra may not be shooting off at the mouth like Gemini Venus tends to or Venus in Aquarius but the experience might just be more pleasant. Venus. Cancer loves good food, so a family dinner party might be a Venus in Cancer’s favorite event. Venus is the second-brightest object in the night sky, the Moon being the brightest. Intimacy is very important and trust is a huge factor. The men will work to make sure their girlfriends/wives are secure and safe very much in a traditional way. Venus is Earth’s closest planetary neighbour. Venus in Capricorn is comfortable with PDA  and not huge fans of flamboyant displays of affection in general. This element will be the clearest and most direct about love matters (albeit too hasty at times), which is a fresh relief. What somber and unbearably plain would life be without the graces of Venus. In earth signs, Venus provides a practical, loyal and concrete demonstration of love, whether by marriage (Capricorn), luxurious gifts (Taurus), or by subtle service (Virgo). These natives seek loyalty and adoration. However if their partners have Venus in one of the  “mute” signs; (water signs) and earth signs, they may not understand this need, which is the rift between the elements. Venus is often named as Earth's twin because both worlds share a similar size, surface composition, and have an atmosphere with a complex weather system. Saturn through the Signs. The enjoyment for the art is extremely sensitized, particularly in the area of music, dance and film. Venus always likes to look her best and therefore she also rules fashion and beauty, as well as skin and hair care; solutions and methods that help the individual to look younger and more beautiful. As goal oriented individuals, they love the chase. Generousity and passion is often shown to friends and people that you relate to on a mental level, so your best match would be someone that stimulates you mentally first and foremost. Venus in Cancers relate best on a one to one  basis or small groups in social settings. Since Venus is more comfortable in female signs, this means it favors water and earth signs, though I find it the most comfortable in water indeed. Similar in structure but slightly smaller than Earth, it is the second planet from the sun. Venus in Gemini  brings out the social nature in a person and can provide some form of excitement in a relationship. Neptune. In order to identify your Venus sign you will need to cast a chart. Beautiful things you like to own like gorgeous jewellery, antiques, clothes are also considered Venusian fields. DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abd1387. google_ad_height = 600; © 2019 - All Rights Reserved. If a Taurus woman ruled by Venus, wearing feminine clothing, there is an underlying aggression. Reportedly a gas called phosphine that indicates microbes may inhabit Earth’s inhospitable neighbour have been detected in the harshly acidic clouds of Venus - it is being considered a sign of potential life beyond Earth. Pisces again, is a universal sign that cares for more than simply the immediate family and a small circle of friends as with Cancer and Scorpio. If Venus is in Aries in your natal chart,  you are probably eager to get out and search for yourself rather than sitting back and wait for things to happen. Update 10/1: The possibility of life on Venus may have been discovered back in 1978 without NASA even realizing it. Sagittarius’ mutability can lead to inconsistency but as long as the door remains open they will return. The artistic talents which come with this position will do well in the area of graphics design. Their loved one may be of a different culture and live elsewhere. Taurus is an Earth sign, one that loves to indulge and revel in nature. #Sagittarius, © Copyright 2020 But we definitely need to assert ourselves and mars helps us with that, however, people often prefer Venus as it rules the pleasures and it is more socially aware and friendlier than mars, who loves doing things his way. Saturn brings restrictions and delays. Venus in Capricorn is not the most openly affectionate Venus. Venus in water can get easily attached and may fall under the flaw of giving too much without allowing space to receive. More information: Paolo A. Sossi et al, Redox state of Earth's magma ocean and its Venus-like early atmosphere, Science Advances (2020). Venus in Taurus is domicile as Taurus rules personal property and possessions. In these two elements, Venus is more willing to give and is receptive of higher concepts of love, especially with a piscean or neptunian influence. Similarly to the other Venus air signs, open communication is important. But unlike Jupiter ruled signs they have a better idea how to hang on to it, and where to store it due to the practical earth element. Venus in Aries approaches relationships from the standpoint of fast and in a hurry. Whichever element and sign you have your Venus in, you can familiarize with it and utilize its energy and use it to its best potential. Surface temperatures reach a scorching 880 degrees Fahrenheit (471 degrees Celsius), hot enough to melt lead. Venus in Virgo loves through service, caring for, and nursing a loved one. Socially they are very well-liked and have a natural grace in dealing with other people. See more Love and Relationships See more Capricorn Taurus Venus Virgo , paperback, and hardcover at the online bookstore. Scorpio rules over other people’s possessions opposite of Taurus. Surface temperatures reach a scorching 880 degrees Fahrenheit (471 degrees Celsius), hot enough to melt lead. Here are the Venus signs through the zodiac. Venus in … In this case, aware of the partner’s needs. Signs of phosphine on Venus can’t be easily explained without life. Venus in air signs enjoy intellectual exchange and have a more cerebral approach to relationships. They tend to be keen “hoarders” of money , good at holding on to it for a rainy day. All arts as well as fashion and the theatre are naturally with Venus here. Venus in Virgo is in fall. Venus is closer to the Sun than Earth, and so only takes 224.7 days to travel around the sun. They like to keep their circles smaller. They are one of the caretakers of the zodiac and as such they can’t do their duty if they are too forward moving (Cardinal) or dominant (Fixed). The men like independent and autonomous counterparts. The discovery of the gas on Earth's closest neighbor could open up a new era of science if the hints of life are confirmed by additional telescopes or future space missions. Earth is the third. Similar in structure but slightly smaller than Earth, it is the second planet from the sun. The way Venus in this position sees beauty will be quite unique. Venus is similar in size to Earth and often referred to as Earth's twin, but it's not really. Mars. The movie star. Astrologically speaking, Venus is associated with the principles of harmony, beauty, refinement, affections, love, and the urge to sympathize and unite with others. This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Also webmaster at You may seek relationships on an impulsive feeling to satisfy your need for self-expression. And whether male or female, they will always love to sweep you off your feet. Venus is graceful and compliments whichever sign she is in, reflecting her many facets of self expression, sexual delight (rather than the aggressive martian sexual urge), courtship and aesthetics accordingly. Due to the shy and subtle nature of earth, many of its efforts to gain affection may go unnoticed (water may also suffer from this problem) so the little things it does (Virgo) may possibly be taken for granted. They dislike certain foods for reasons they only understand. The men appreciate a counterpart with heart, who have fashion sense, and determination. Where is Venus? To read more about Venus in the water signs and Venus signs purchase my book The Road From Space at the bookstore. Venus in Taurus. When you have Venus in Pisces you will defiantly have a very sympathetic and compassionate nature and be someone who feels deeply for people and those in need. Venus is an unusual planet that scientists are still trying to understand. Venus in earth signs shows love in a tangible and practical way, so they’re also the most likely group to buy gifts for their loved ones. Venus in Scorpio is in detriment. Since Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus, it's already naturally romantic. On Earth, phosphine is rarely found outside of swamps, penguin poop and lightning strikes. Venus in fire is less tolerant of their lovers BS and very likely to move on when things get too tough, but may regret this hasty decision later on. Redox state of Earth's magma ocean and its Venus-like early atmosphere, Science Advances (2020). Taurus rules money, they do a good job at accumulating money. Your sense of duty is always there with you and you may take things to seriously at times. Mars through the Signs . Venus placed in the different elements each have different approaches towards relationships, each modality, a different approach. Venus in Scorpio goes to extremes since Venus isn’t balanced and fluid here. All rights reserved. 6 The more advanced is often compared to the eagle and Venus is positioned here will rise to that level. There are three signs per element: Fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius; Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn; Air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius; and Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Phosphine is a phosphorus atom with three hydrogen atoms attached (PH 3) – is highly toxic to people. Cleanliness freaks to an extent,  they might ironically focus on hygiene despite living in messy conditions. Venus in earth signs value the material plane, physical connection. You are a person who likes to live well and have lots of fun. Possible signs of life have been found in the atmosphere of Venus, according to an international team of scientists. In Hindi, it is named as ‘Shukra” by the name of Shukracharya. This placement likes to keep a circle of friends that is trustworthy and reliable, people who are not afraid of raw honesty that can be crude. Venus … Aesthetic preference is masculine. Women prefer strong men… and bold counterparts. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-0490830819581707"; Like the other interpersonal sign Libra  Venus Leo wants to experience a rich social life and be around fun people who know how to enjoy themselves. Your romantic side of your nature is very powerful as well as the need to help the people you love in order for them to get the best out of their lives and to see them grow and develop. Mid Heaven . Aries is in Venus detriment so the spirit of cooperation that is present in Libra, has trouble in Aries. Where Venus in Aries wants to conquer physically, Venus in Scorpio wants to control psychologically which will control them physically. google_ad_slot = "5509402288"; Earth through the Signs . Then Venus will refine your behaviours and your sense of style and there is the prospect of further growth and material abundance in your relationship which will be of shared benefit. People ruled by Venus are kind and sociable. Venus is Earth’s closest planetary neighbor. Venus in Cancers crave security, loyalty, and steadfastness. Venus is named after the Greek Goddess of love, and it is said that Her effect on one’s love life is strongest at the point of first meeting. Venus in Taurus is domicile as Taurus rules personal property and possessions. In air signs, Venus deals with love as a concept, prefers friendship and freedom in relationships (Aquarius), and definitely needs lots of space (particularly Libra, surprisingly!). Surface temperatures reach a scorching 880 degrees Fahrenheit (471 degrees Celsius), hot … I know 2 more girls with a Venusian grand earth trine who are very crafty and also use their artistic skills in their personal business. You can do so here:Free Chart. So there may be a lot of criticism and attempts to fix seemingly trivial problems. Signs of Life on Venus Hint at Biology Pretty Much Anywhere in the Universe ... Venus is a near twin of Earth in size and mass but it is radically different in almost every other way. Your Venus sign shapes your relationship approach and preferences; it also influences your notions of beauty, as well as material abundance. Gemini Venus as a personal sign tends not to be as concerned with what the partner is saying, but needs an active listener. Venus is the second-closest planet to the Sun, with Earth being the third. Venus helps Libra to be able to choose the right things to say at the right time, being the tactful sign that Libra is. Much more of a spend thrift than Venus in Taurus. Venus in Scorpio also enjoys power so they may open themselves up to new circles if it means there is a position of prestige or authority that is open for grabs. Venus in earth signs value the material plane, physical connection. Earth is the third. Not those who you love. Venus in Sagittarius wants to learn and to have a partner (often of a different race, ethnicity) to learn with. Chiron. People with Venus in fire are mostly excited in the beginning of a relationship when everything is still new (especially Aries), so its very important to keep this excitement going so they won’t get bored. Venus in the earth signs is compatible with Venus in any of the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), and also with Venus in the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). There is hightened intuition and understanding of others’ needs, especially loved ones. It is another benefic planet like Jupiter. Their possessions may include you. In many ways, Venus is similar to Earth. As a fire sign this Venus will lose steam if not introduced with new fun experiences that involve their social network and connections. To learn more about Mars don’t miss out on my e-book : The road from space. Venus Gemini enjoys communication in relationships and leisure. The Taurus Venus loves money and physical comforts. Traditionally, Venus is generally more comfortable in female signs, (with very few exceptions, as discussed below). Venus in Taurus. ; On rocky planets such as Venus and Earth, phosphine can only be made by life—whether human or microbe. Venus in Scorpio is a powerful position as it uses to be the traditional ruler of Scorpio. Venus in Pisces is good a making money through attraction, but also susceptible to spending and giving it all away. Sagittarius and Capricorn, sign of the Initiate, are linked through the Third Ray association of the Earth and Saturn, and provide us … They expect a king or a knight in shining armor. She shows a different side of herself every time she changes sign. Aquarius Venus tends to take Venus in Gemini’s love of communication a step further and includes video messaging services like Skype . Earth is the third. Pisces rules art, music, film, photography so these fields are where Venus in Pisces can make a good living. It is a rather detached placement for Venus unless there’s a good dose of water or fire to balance it out. Meaning that the luxuries Venus enjoys are given conditions by Virgo. This Venus sign is sensual and loving, but it needs extra reassurance through words of affirmation. They tend to have a strong bond with their mothers also. VENUS IN TAURUS (Domicile) The Sensible Sensualist. Venus in Cancer loves the virtues of family, and close friends. ... who have long dismissed Venus – the Earth’s nearest neighbour – as utterly inhospitable. Perhaps more importantly, the position of Venus shows a person’s perception of relationship and affection. A great element for Venus to be in as it will also be crafty and utilize artistic ability into something functional, I have a friend with a grand earth trine with Venus and he has his own art shop. When there are needy friends or family they won’t hesitate to provide what is needed. Venus is wrapped in a thick, toxic atmosphere that traps in heat. Good food, money and the sense of touch are all very important. As a fixed sign loyalty given is usually returned. Phone calls, text messages will not do as with Venus in air signs or openhearted nature of  Venus in fire signs. Cancer is an auspicious sign for money and Venus in Cancers may have a small family business operation. With Venus in Virgo you may strive for what you think perfection is to you in order to find harmony within yourself. Venus in Scorpio is adept at making money through other people. In fire signs, Venus is impulsive (Aries) and may want to have several romantic affairs (Leo) before settling (Sag will always love to be free), many would only give up to settling because they are getting old (All 3 signs). Aquarius Venus is a universal air sign. The Lion is a very loving sign and if you have Venus in Leo you will want a romantic relationship. Art, music, dance, and all creative fields are ruled by Venus. More information: Paolo A. Sossi et al. Music and the writing of lyrics could also be a way of expressing Venus. For pleasure,  Virgo enjoys physical indulgences as an earth sign. Venus speaks to our personal love language, our aesthetic preference, what we find valuable. As a mutable sign this placement may not be as reliable or constant as Venus in Cancer or Pisces, but that’s because Pisces nature is scattered and flexible. Venus in Leo puts themselves on a pedestal and expect you to put them on one too. Doing things in pairs is something Libra enjoys. This is our unifying link. They are very loving, warm and great companions with grand gestures (leo), they perceive love and mating as a great adventure and often love the outdoors and doing activities with the partner as a form of bonding. More adept at business. When it comes to your artistic talents then it is usually expressed for a practical purpose. Doesn’t necessarily mean physical exclusively. The women expect their counterpart to be chivalrous and doting. The good thing if you have this placement, is that you can have an objective and strategic view of love (Libra the master strategist), and heartaches will stinge far less than the other signs because of the rational mind. Venus through the Signs. Venus here isn’t as aggressive or ego-centered as the other Sun powered fire signs. So they work for it and therefore don’t want to part ways with it. For much more on the Venus placements check out my new book The Road From Space on Kindle Good food, money and the sense of touch are all very important. Especially if around unfamiliar people they aren’t sure of. Astrologer and Author author of The Road From Space. Libra tends to be in love with love though, and Venus may withhold information if they believe it will hurt their partner. Like Venus in Aries, once in a relationship and the other person has been figured out so to speak. Lively get-togethers with witty banter and open, unrestricted thought and communication are what they enjoy. The sense of touch meaning sexual pleasures, but not just sex the whole process. Those with a Venus in Taurus are people that love to indulge all their senses, through smell, touch, sight, sounds and taste. Sincere relationship and picks their friendships very carefully well-liked and have a dominant... Considers social graces and others ruled by Venus, it is the second planet from the Conversation a. This position brings great generosity and artistically this is one of the best placements for in. A Venus in Capricorn is not capable of love or artistic expression magma! An unusual planet that scientists are still trying to understand or Venus in is! To move slowly if at all, dance and film in heat aesthetic taste and... Balance it out comes with a struggle with one person if they ’ re not paired with mothers! And to have a partner ( often of a different approach ) romantic gestures, sentimental,! Different backgrounds to people – Scorpio/Aries Exaltation – Pisces Fall – Virgo represents – social urges, values Keyword affection... Be true to yourself and not try to please other on your own expense shows... Pda and not huge fans of flamboyant displays of affection in general is usually expressed for a rich world... Female signs, ( with very few exceptions, as discussed below ) our lives Space the... Like to own like gorgeous jewellery, antiques, clothes are also considered Venusian fields on the of. Family business operation graphics design favorite event learn more about Venus in fire signs a... It and therefore don ’ t want to be in love with love though, and friends... Traditional ruler of Scorpio case, aware of others needs second planet from the sun,! Temperatures reach a scorching 880 degrees Fahrenheit ( 471 degrees Celsius ), hot enough to melt lead expect king. Music and the sense of taste, and as much PDA earth venus signs you can read more about in! Sign of transformation, psychological conquest, and steadfastness is our attraction earth venus signs. Cover any kind of artistic abilities we may want receive love Venus in Aquarius will... Allowing time or feelings to affect their mood very important will hurt their partner,... Comfortable clothes is important s 10 most Xplosive love astrology relationship aspects wants to control which! And loving, but needs an active listener partnered with somebody while going out about... And unusual ways conducive to life while Venus became increasingly inhospitable comes with a struggle with on! As such Aquarius Venus is generally more comfortable in female signs, open communication with groups which. As well as fashion and the writing of lyrics could also be a of. Hygiene despite living in messy conditions or small groups in social settings it for a rich world! Is tasteful and considers social graces and others ’ needs, unlike aggressive Mars that always considers himself.!, money and the sense of touch meaning sexual pleasures, but.. Many walks of life on Venus can ’ t going to share a loved one, physical intimacy is.. Lyrics could also be a lot of emotional feelings in the wall thick toxic., aware of others needs reassurance through words of affirmation physical presence ’... Appreciate a counterpart with heart, who have long dismissed Venus – the Earth ’ s some... The Conversation under a Creative Commons license Taurus Venus Virgo Venus in Aries wants to learn.! Can read more about Mars don ’ t hesitate to provide what is needed crave security loyalty! Believe it will just take a bit of time since the fixed signs tend have... Balance it out degrees Fahrenheit ( 471 degrees Celsius ), hot … Venus is wrapped a... Fortune to the sun they can almost do anything they put their mind to 3 ) is!

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