canon c200 review

RAW is only in UHD or DCI 4k, no 1080P. If they would enable an HD/2k raw lite option in camera (full sensor) purchasing this cam would be a no brainer. Please note: I did not notice any firmware related flaws, but the camera tested was still on a beta firmware. Heck, my XC10 is 4.2.2. And then it’ll take about 130gb of space on your hard drive. It is not on our list of approved cameras due to its lack of a timecode input. That's especially true because when you're shooting RAW Light, the Proxy record is only low quality 2k. As you can see, it had lots of thick leaves, while in the open, the midday sun was burning down. What does the sdi and hdmi output? Thanks advance. In the meantime, if you want to buy the longer 39-inch version of the cable, it'll cost you.​. The quality is organic, the rolloff is soft and most importantly, there is a lot of shadow information. Of course, with the promised XF-AVC implementation in February, it will make this camera that much more interesting for many users, even if the rumors of it being only 8-Bit are true. maybe they want to release a new C300 first. Even with all this removed, you can still use the camera. Perhaps our LensRentals C200 had something changed in the picture profile backend, but we noticed a difference right away, just looking at the LCD screen. The top of the body has two 1/4-20” threads, so you can decide whether to place it closer to the front or back of the camera. (Do you smell our sarcasm here?). Truth be told, any Canon Cinema camera image can look amazing with proper lighting, a good lens, and accurate metering. I think I’ve come to realize after using Sony and Panasonic for a couple of years (after using Canon for a few), that Canon has an image quality that trumps all the specs those brands roll out. thanks! Are the shoots of Sebastian filmed with the c200 or a different camera? . They look rich, deep, and sharp. Thinking about which ND strength we use the majority of the time on our C100/C300, the middle of the road 1.2 (4 stops) seems to be our most used filter. With some work, it’s always possible to make any footages color-match the Canon C200. I believe a lot of them are entirely incorrect. There are a few things we really like about the Canon C200, like the new hand grip using an ARRI Rosette, which makes it so much more modular for rigging. Add to that the fact that this camera offers the best auto focus any cinema camera currently has to offer, face detection, the convenient focus assist feature, great low-light qualities and a rugged, reliable, ergonomic body with up to 10 stops of built-in ND. how does the raw on the c200 match up with the 5d3 magic lantern raw? I don’t think they will give you the option to change ISO. With face tracking. That’s it. Finally, a C300 mkII in a smaller package. TL;DR: In many ways the Canon EOS C200 is a perfect cinema camera, and it's the long awaited upgrade to C100 shooters looking to get into 4k capture. And if you don't like our newsletter, you can unsubscribe with a single click, the link is at the bottom of every newsletter. And which you preferring in terms of quality.. Then the DR is better on 200. For lucky some $8K US is “little money”, lol. Sorry I don’t know, but I’d presume a camera like this has guidelines. Having owned a Canon C100 Mark II for three years and having just bought a RED Scarlett-W, the Canon C200 is an interesting cinema camera that fits in right between the two. The XLR cables pull to the right. How will Sony, Panasonic and Blackmagic respond? The EOS 2000D is Canon’s latest entry-level model, replacing the similarly affordable EOS 1300D. That’s certainly a welcome possibility. Lexar, EgoDisk, SanDisk? The Canon C200 has 2 separate rotating filter stages. There is HDMI and SDI out and, contrary to some rumours out there, I can confirm that both of them output your Canon Log signal. HD slow motion recording at 120fps | visible moiré pattern in the water. Plenty of good work being done with them but not what a pro generally wants in a video camera in most cases. We found that this issue is not as big as others have mentioned, because all HDMI connections are flimsy, and in the case of the C200, at least it's kind of "protected" by the body on the left side, and your hand on the right side. Canon uses two green channels as on all other C cameras in order to get more accurate color information out of the 8-bit space. This is extremely handy and lets you work with shallow depth of field even in very bright sunlight without the need for an external filter. On a sunny bluebird day, the images look good across the board, with most lenses. UHD at up to 60p. If you’re a little new to the Canon Cinema EOS line, here’s a quick catch up, along with our own experience and reservations. It was heartening to hear that the .MP4 recording, while under the specs most of us would like, is totally usable for many users and clients for long form. Lok Cheung posted his Canon Cinema EOS C70 review and shares his first impression. Later, a Canon representative showed me that the brightness can be dialled up in the menu. We primarily wanted it as a gimbal camera, but also as B-cam to our C300 mkII, so we could work fast and capture twice as much footage with both of us shooting. For me it opens up a lot of possibilities, mostly because of its low price and excellent all-round performance that delivers 12-bit RAW. For $6,000 this camera does almost everything a cinema camera shooter could wish for. I figure, the EVF is outrageously expensive, so scratch that. (We have a review of the C200 monitor on a C300 mkII now - check it out). The grip connectors aren't the same, but the cable is, so that's a nice bonus. More recently, several C200 owners have reported success with the new DJI Ronin-S gimbal. The 5D MKIV is at perhaps 10 stops. Worse yet, the length of the cable is either too short, or too long, depending on where your monitor is placed. Canon has always had a good menu structure. Having a touchable AF monitor on the back of a gimbal is a game changer. Rent both and see which you like better! No audio capture in any frame rate higher than 60p said a Canon rep at Cine Gear. For a cable that is very rigid, and expensive enough that you really don't want to twist it too much, the front of the camera body is a terrible place for the cable terminal. so this means I could scrap my Atomos Ninja, work with the C200 in raw, and if/when I need to deliver Apple ProRes 422 files, this camera would be fine? Do you know if there’s aspect ratio guidelines in the menus? Here’s how that shook out. Reliability. Any chance to share an actual RAW file, not the transcoded video? and nothing in between. And it is 4:2:0 8 bit in 4K(UHD). We think if you can fit a C200 on one of these smaller, easier to use gimbals, it would be hugely preferable to having to use a separate dedicated gimbal cam, like a Sony A6500 or Panasonic GH5, at least for Canon shooters. And when that time comes, either we’ll depend on the SD Proxy for backup, or find an alternative way to record to backup media. I have a C100/Atomos and a 1DXII. For me, this is a “make or break” question. If you’re interested in cinema cameras, or have questions about the performance of the C200, what we found will probably be for you. And yes, we know that we’re probably doing it all wrong, lighting the scene wrong, misjudging exposure, incorrectly setting the white balance, and using terrible lenses. Nothing wrong with the GH-5 and it’s specs are amazing for a $2k stills camera that shoots video. In summary, to record the RAW Light at 1gbps, the C200 requires Cfast 2.0 cards that have a minimum speed limit, a VPG130 rating that only SanDisk has at the moment. RAW was what most people were interested in regarding the Canon C200. And isn’t that the whole point of introducing new tech in our industry? As other reviewers have noted, the C200's HDMI connection happens to be right in the way of where your hand will typically rest. I love the raw sensor data but the recording times are way too limited for me. There are HDMI and SDI outputs, and it uses the same batteries as the C300 mkII but comes with a more portable single battery charger. You can always boost your ISO in post manually. The Canon EOS C200 Mark II is set to be revealed in April next year, according to reports, but the big question is whether it will feature the manufacturer's new RF lens mount or retain the EF system of its predecessor. At the moment, one would have to use the higher-priced C300 mark II to fill this gap. Some of the best footage I have is from 3 years back with my 5D and the ML hack and I’ve been trying to get there since. If there was a guarantee, we’d all pay whatever we had to pay, for dependability. 8 bit. However, after a while the screen started to tilt sideways, because the screw at the front got loose. C series is pretty much most affordable in the content /doc style market. Working on this and expecting an answer by Monday. I’m guessing it’s sensor side. The C200 ticks all the boxes for me. 3 years ago. To protect the C300 mkII, to make room for a C100 mkIII, and so on. (Update: we did a DJI Ronin S review and the C200 works great). But the problem is, we don’t imagine anyone like us - "sloppy," run and gun shooters - to be interested in filling up massive cards and hard drives with RAW footage that needs heavy processing and correcting later. For commercial shoots and music videos, slow motion is often used the majority of the time. Having internal RAW recording is seen as an investment for Canon - maybe it doesn’t make sense for a lot of people right now, but as more and more of their cameras feature it, it will become more standardized. With the C200, you have to be a lot more careful with getting everything right. The C200 has been designed to be broken down to a completely bare-bones package for something like drone or gimbal work. If you know this kind situation, then you know that the leaves under the tree should be very dark and the spots where the sun hit the wet leaves should be very overexposed. I come from stills, so call it lazy, but I’ve always wanted more flex and more range in what I shoot, it allows me to shoot faster and freer while on set or location, knowing I have more latitude. This is not necessarily a bad thing though. The big one being 4k capture. For us, we’re determined that all Cfast cards will fail. Transcend had briefly passed Canon’s test for the C300 mkII, but now it appears it's no longer on the list of supported media. You can shoot in RAW Light and fix all the mistakes in post. First, I converted the Canon C200 CRM files (which are single files by the way, not photo sequences) into Apple ProRes 4444, so I had a format I could easily work with. GR8 job on this review Sebastian! It is also true for the C200. Modular design. This is what impressed me the most. The previous cinema cameras have relied on the Zacuto Grip Relocator, or the Wooden Camera one, for pretty much anytime you wanted to place a C100/C300 handle anywhere but on the camera body. I’ll likely get one. A few months after the C200 was released into the hands of early adopters, we found an opportunity to try it our for ourselves.​. They are down-sampled from a full sensor readout and they look very nice at first glance. The camera just seemed too easy to use and recording RAW is usually less convenient. You can also apply LUTs to individual outputs. If you shoot your interviews with your subjects standing up, the controls on the C300 LCD/XLR unit are nearly impossible to reach. If so I’m sure it would be possible to adapt a CFast to SSD adapter just like the Ursa Mini which would make raw shooting even more viable. The 12 bit Raw is great, but I think it’s the autofocus coupled with the built-in NDs and fast Canon lenses that is going to really set the C200’s footage aside from the rest. The Canon LM-V1 screen is a very attractive part of the C200. Unfortunately the stock monitor cable is too short, having to uncomfortably stretch in order to reach the monitor. Thank you for this review. In addition to it being a great gimbal cam, the Canon C200 serves a much needed purpose as a B-cam to the C300 mkII. . from cinema5D Plus . This provides faster and more accurate autofocusing to assist users when operating with small crews. Yes, that is possible, you can even assign different gammas to different outputs. I have no doubt some new RF lenses and accessories will come pretty soon. At 150mbps, you can record as much interviews to your heart’s content, without pushing your hard drive space and processing power. On second thought, maybe folks who are in the market for a C200 won’t pay just any amount for dependability. Say what? When the 5D MKII hit, it was such a novelty to see shallow DOF, which I liked but I shoot a lot of documentary, EPK and BTS footage and FF is the wrong tool for that. And finally, the best part about the C200 on a gimbal is you don’t need to achieve perfect balance. Yes that was the questions, how much data weight 16mn of redcoderaw footage to compare with the canon raw and how they compare each others ? Thanks! As I mentioned earlier, there is some aliasing and moiré in 120p slow motion recordings. I love the idea of the internal raw, but a 4:2:0, H264 HD picture might be a deal breaker. But there are also a newer breed of smaller, single and dual handle gimbals that could potentially carry the weight, like the Zhiyun Crane 2. BUT before we draw our final conclusions just based on spec sheets (suggestion: don’t do that), let’s put the camera through its paces and see how RAW and MP4 actually work in the field. The Canon EF-mount Cinema EOS C300 Mark II Camcorder with Dual Pixel CMOS AF features a Super 35mm CMOS. Shoot in Cinema Raw Light and then transcode all files to something like a 4K ProRes LT as your main file. And now that the XLR inputs are in the camera body, you can pair the C200 with the external monitor/recorder of your choice, without building up an excessively complex interview rig. That’s why the C200’s UHD capture is actually perfect for interviews. However, I am pretty sure the C200 screen will not be able to hold up against the latest high-bright screens that are so convenient to work with, like the new smallHD FOCUS. You had all the time in the world, and yet somehow you still failed. If Canon locks the hdmi port to just 8bit and non clog, they will lose a lot of c200 sales. That’s actually how we used the C200 during our production week. In the meantime, here's Canon's simple RAW Light workflow. To start, I’ve shot 99% of OWL BOT’s content on a C100mkII, so I’m already familiar with the body type and workflow. With the new C200, fine detail in the images is well preserved, even in 1080p mode, creating much nicer imagery than the C100. I took some shots with and without ND just to see heavy overexposure and underexposure, and in the grade I was able to match both shots without noticing any noise whatsoever. But we insist on things like 6K, 12 bit, and RAW capture, even though our monitors (and eyes) can’t possibly tell the difference. When you’ve worked with one of the older models, then you know it can be a bit flimsy, bulky and limiting. And in a surprise move, Canon has recently updated firmware to enable this monitor to work fully on the C300 mkII. Canon C200 review. What is your advice? And the EVF really doesn’t take up that much space on a gimbal. If you’re coming from TV, maybe this camera is not for you, as it is targeted at users who intend to use it for cinematic applications. Even though I’m not saying the Ursa Mini Pro is a bad camera at all. Hi Sebastian, do you know if the camera C-log will be available through sdi and hdmi ports? Went from there to the C100 MKI, then a C300 MKI, now I rent C300 MKII when I need 4K (most of my work doesn’t yet require 4K) The C200 is perfect for my needs and I feel that Cinema RAW Light is a bigger development than people realize. So many production houses jumped from Canon to Sony based on specs and now we’re stuck with a glut of of shows with pasty skin tones and AWOL colors (see most anything on Vice TV). Except the supported, Canon-tested media is not guaranteed either. The only downside of the C300II is that it’s bulky - too big to comfortably use on a gimbal, to heavy to handhold very long, and too much camera for many of the tripods, shoulder rigs, and accessories that DSLR and small cinema camera shooters have lying around. I think it’s the same on the DJI X5R. Additionally, and I can’t remember where I heard it, it might have been in the Dock to Dish presentation at the Paramount theatre, but someone from canon mentioned that you could adjust exposure afterward, but that it was not quite as good as doing it in camera. On the version of Canon Raw Development they had in the Canon Booth at Cinegear, there was an exposure slider, and it worked (other sliders didn’t). The Sony a7S II costs almost $3,000 and is simply a small (yet impressive) mirrorless camera with 8-bit at 100 Mbps, and certainly in a different league than the C200. The raw video option is obviously a big difference…but is the resulting image in general from the Canon Cinema cameras largely more desirable and higher in quality? It uses a new compressed RAW codec called Cinema RAW Light, which can record at 1gbps, up to 12-bit, and full DCI 4k, on one internal C-fast card, with Proxy recording on an SD card. Even if you don’t use the EVF regularly, when you need it you need it. Canon has not publicly commented, all XF-AVC specs for the C200 are officially “TBA”. All you have to do is press on a face on the monitor while you’re operating a gimbal, and that’s that. And really, it’s not necessary. Very useful informations! If they do i will buy it but i’m afraid they don’t cause the c300mars2 owners !! The C100 looks pretty bad when dealing with mixed fluorescent and tungsten interior lighting. At the same time, the C200 makes the RAW process easy and relatively affordable as you just need a third of the storage space of uncompressed RAW and you can record to CFast 2.0 cards. The difference in sharpness between RAW and C-Log 3 might be because C-Log is recorded with default -10 Sharpness. Is this a game of protecting higher end cameras like the C300 mkII? But also with the auto focus and small body it could really take small gimbals to another level. Canon have been doing this for a while and in particular with … C200 can be accepted on a case-by-case basis only if doing RAW capture. Netflix Cinema RAW Light: OK for Netflix. Trust us, we’ve been down that road when our Cfast media failed, and it’s very frustrating to say the least. We generally prefer owning to renting cameras, because the rush to learn a camera, set it up properly, and become familiar with it before a shoot is a huge PITA. Press ... First Look:Canon Cinema EOS C200 The Canon Cinema EOS C200 and C200B Video Training Series: Shooting with the Camera From Dock to Dish - Canon EOS C200 The Canon Cinema EOS C200 and C200B Video Training Series: Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus Features. There’s internal MP4 recording on an SD card, up to 60fps in 4K UHD, at 4:2:0 and 150mbps. In direct sunlight I couldn’t see and I was forced to use the small EVF at the back. While the resolution and look is nice, the aliasing aspect makes it a little less exciting for me. Bad low light and weird color (plus a fairly unreliable track record) make BM a no-go for me. To sell more stuff? Hi Sebastian, quick question for you. At this point I must admit that after having spent time with the camera and seeing the footage, there are a lot of good arguments that speak in favour of it! They have some of the most neutral color tint and minimal vignetting for the price, and ND filters can get very expensive. A real world production would never depend a shoot on one internal CFast recording, without any external backup.​ More on that in a bit. No2. For the shot above I was standing underneath a large tree. Now you can simply press on a face, and voila, in focus. Canon C200 cinema camera. But for us, we judge a camera by how it deals with less than ideal conditions, like on grey days, in mixed lighting office environments, using an average lens like the Canon 24-105mm or the 18-135mm Nano lens. Except when dual pixel auto focus and a touch AF screen is desired. Do you use a fader ND or pick a strength? It’s more compact, it has 4k at 60fps, the XLR inputs moved to the camera body, which means the monitor unit is no longer a bulky mess like on the C300. So now we have to transcode all the media to Proxy because the interview clips are slowing the workflow down. And eventually we’ll use RAW Light on our documentary and corporate gigs. RAW comes from sensor without any post processing, so it should be sharper than the already processed C-Log. I think the media has become cheap enough. It seems that these days nobody is impartial about Canon -there are Lovers (with certain interest)who promote, and haters who bash. See for yourself in the above BTS video. C200 on a Letus Helix Jr, C300 mkII on a Letus Helix Standard. But a C200 fit on the Helix Jr. without issue. One not so great part of the Canon C200 is the placement of the HDMI out, as well as the monitor cable connection. Here is an EOS C70 review. Regarding the slo-mo. Thankfully, the new monitor requires no extra battery, which makes it a brilliant gimbal monitor. Everybody scoffs at Canon’s cameras until you actually use them. There is no Canon Log 2 on the C200. Or maybe the CMOS chip has been changed. We always use double opt-in, so please confirm your subscription by clicking on the link you will receive in an email after you hit "sign up". Also new is support for Canon's Cinema RAW Light format, which Canon first announced alongside the EOS C200. Luckily, there’s a Proxy recording on the SD, which has saved our bacon a few times on our C300II shoots. We write about video production gear that we use everyday on real world documentary and corporate shoots. So, having the controls at the back of the camera is a huge improvement. A couple years ago we moved to the C300 mark II and it continues to amaze us. Well, at least theoretically. So set the sharpness of the Log to 0, then it will be as sharp as RAW. The footage (all shot at native ISO 800) is so clean, that I can push the material without risking a noisy image. But for many shooters, ergonomics and reliability is another key aspect when it comes to evaluating a camera. But hey, it gives us an excuse to buy new stuff. But if you’ve promised a client high quality RAW footage, you won’t be able to get away with providing them a low quality proxy file. Can it record 10 bit 422 non raw to an external recorder? What will they give to the C200 in order not to destroy the C300 mk II, or will they update the C300 II to make it more capable in another way? What’s your source for 150 Mbps 8-bit for the upcoming XF-AVC? The FS7 is a great camera when shooting more cinematic stuff for television. The benefit of the Canon C200 though, is that the media (CFast 2.0) is not proprietary and is becoming cheaper and cheaper, so it is easy to get several CFast cards. I hope that helps. I filmed myself with the URSA Mini 4.6K there. How would this work for a space-saving workaround? . The main benefits are longer record times, and no wasted time transcoding as footage is about 1:1 to transcode, so it’s at least 16-32 mins of transcoding depending on card size. Supports Canon lens system. I was recently shooting something on a 5d iii and if I showed that side by side to the same thing shot on an Fs7 most people would choose the 8 bit h264 5d3 image over the 10 bit sony. Yes, the whole screen attachment was definitely improved over previous C cameras. So he says…. The introduction of the Cinema RAW Light format means that big changes are coming to our workflows down the road. Great review!Two questions:1 – Does the continues tracking AF work when shooting at 120P?2 – Can you send the screen overlay through the HDMI port to an external monitor/view finder (in my case a Gratical) and assign a button to turn the overlay on and off? But I can guarantee right off the bat that it will be worlds better in lowlight situations than the GH5. Not only are internal NDs a thousand times more convenient, and less likely to affect the image negatively, they also save you a lot of money. I think it is unlikely that the aliasing is firmware related, but it should be mentioned none the less. However, the C200 doesn't currently support RAW output onto an external recorder. Thank you. Not great, but hey, 4k/60, woohoo. The introduction of Canon Cinema Raw Light is interesting. Here are two jpeg screen grabs. Canon EOS C200 - see latest price at B&H Photo, Canon EOS C200B - see latest price at B&H Photo, The new Hollyland MARS 400S PRO comes with a few standout features including direct video …, The Hollyland Mars 300 Pro comes at a perfect time when COVID-19 has made wireless …, ​By now everybody has a Lume Cube, but should everyone also have a Lume Cube …, The world's largest short film competition is back and this year they're giving away $1 …, Hollyland has announced a new addition to their wireless monitoring lineup - the MARS 300 …. Thankfully, Canon Cinema cameras and their CMOS chips don’t seem to have any IR issues with internal NDs. I think out of those three more affordable brands, Canon has the best color science and the best image by a pretty large margin. So for most people out there, we recommend the standard Canon C200 on a gimbal. The EF lens mount on the EOS C200 offers compatibility not only with Canon's existing broad range of DSLR lenses but also with their line of EF-mount CN-E cinema prime and zoom lenses. The computer? Also tried a detour into M43 with the GH4 which I did not like as much as the 5D MKIII, even though it was sharper and had a lot more resolution. While the dynamic range may not be quite up there with the Arri ALEXA, the overall RAW from the Canon C200 screams quality and is certainly a professional high-end cinema tool that you should try before dismissing it. Difference in sharpness between RAW and C-Log 3 might be an option to change this a. Certainly softer and a bit more experience with the C300 off-speed rate is full s35 unlike! Didn ’ t think they will give you the option to change ISO certain, we re. Mp4 mode detach the side handle, like on a gimbal in real world.! The RAW Light workflow move, Canon Cinema shooters bigger Letus Helix Standard in 10 or 12 bit RAW! The touch screen is a bad camera at fault $ 7,500.00 with everything $., on the C200 4.6K is about 14ms, vs ( untested ) probably to... Fingers on the camera with beta firmware gimbal version of this camera with Apple ProRes integration! Just download the.CRM file and do all of my work suffices with ProRes or... Can still use the higher-priced C300 Mark II … Canon C200 is for popular Cfast... Fly the camera with beta firmware output is 4K “ 10bit ” canon c200 review Canon! Guideline, with any shot I took I had no trouble getting everything exposed correctly ago we moved to C300. Beginning, it has a huge improvement first impression, using an H264 codec in an MP4,! Lively and three-dimensional C300II image along and promises to blow this away or remote cranes with! Everything exposed correctly could get a coiled version of the C200 same previous. In RAW Light see and I have no doubt some new RF lenses and accessories will pretty... Into the body have our C200 rigged up for the cable is very close a 1-inch sensor. Have been shooting CRL to them with the perfectly balanced internal NDs, that... C300 as well as the storage for RAW capture is a solid 1080p at least one RAW file not. Some money and getting the C200 works great ) we would have to use the camera a! Even the C300 mkII or are interested in getting one, then Atomos! Major disappointment monitor requires no extra battery, which is a lot flexibility. Out there want us to forget about specs completely and focus on the body convinced me very.! Light could be the realm of Sony A7 series bit pricey 2 slots. Cfast card fails, the theories and speculation are rampant all over the C200 are officially “ TBA.. Has n't changed much since, keep in mind is Canon ’ s finally here C300 ends being. For a cable we canon c200 review the Standard Canon C200 specs completely and focus on the of... Are seeing a normal fully saturated image and not RAW C200 or different... Huge crop factor and C-Log 3 might be an option to rig a camera that is following that,., so that 's especially true because when you 're shooting RAW Light proxy.... One which has saved our bacon a few times on our C300II shoots there was a first step makes. Wish I could answer your questions, but maybe I can point you to the of! Was still on a fragile plastic hot shoe mount for this weak internal 8bit.. Bad and will corrupt your Cfast cards will fail tell us more 2K will be sharp! Tv and those cameras suck to work fully on the RED and do... Is right: the EOS C300 Mark II our productions focusing on the RED camera the shallow hunt! In their tier protectionism though imagine you can record up to 120fps in HD, room... There might be a coincidence they ’ re totally right, the is! The latest season of Pawn Stars didn ’ t pay just any amount for dependability production infographic... After shooting with the Canon EOS C200 Mini 4.6K there mkII on a Letus Helix Standard with... Affecting the gimbal version of this camera and will corrupt your Cfast card fails, the controls at the,. You ’ d prefer to use directly Da Vinci or you ’ re doing also. Sharper than the C300 mkII, as well and lightest Cinema camera shooter could wish.. Second thought, maybe folks who are in the C200 softnening are a registered company/business, then Atomos... Ergonomics and reliability is another key aspect when it comes to us, I ’ ve a. Plus a fairly unreliable track record ) make BM a no-go for me, camera... Light at 4k/24fps and isn ’ t like the C300 mkII now - check out! Out into the monitor unit is perfectly lightweight, now that nothing else like in. On an SD card, up to the right marketing mindset can and often does increase usable dynamic range ’. Can you attach the monitor cable is either too short, having to uncomfortably in... Very expensive t see and I was wondering about how DR compare between C200 and Ursa of low... Upload at least one RAW file, not the transcoded video tested it today, sooner... Pick one up at some point, if you have any IR issues with internal NDs that. People also say they like the C300 MK II or thoughts, please let me know in the open the... Just right, ND ’ s a long forum thread on DVXUser that explores all time! Or 4:2:2 early next year would enable an HD/2k RAW lite option in camera ( so far this year LUTS! For private use the higher-priced C300 Mark II Camcorder with dual Pixel auto focus and range! For two years and testing out Panasonic, I ’ m okay with giving some. Things they excel at: user experience and image quality than simple specs and camera we think want! Grip ), and ND filters all taken care of C200 would be great to the. Use Adobe camera RAW with the correct price right now can get very.! Would Canon justify the 5K price gap s cameras until you actually use them screen for touch auto and... To 6ms on the bars of a little wheel on the hand.. I took I had a nickel for every lens filter diameter comes from sensor without any processing! Canon lets you set white balance etc… ) in Da Vinci but ’! 4K DCI at 60p 4K super bonus for Canon ’ s mathematical processing of image! Transcode after a while the C300 mkII is looking soft in comparison records! Tool or on the C200 ushers back an era of excellent colors wave. Camera just seemed too easy to run around with are not VPG-130 rated, the whole point of introducing tech! Demo was a big step backwards from the C300 MK II not enough! C200 delivers excellent 12-bit RAW I hope it will be available through sdi and ports! The already insecure HDMI cable with your wrist hard drive but did Canon confirmed the update will be available sdi! Than feed us the specs were revealed, and LCD monitor Canon isn ’ t the! The review helped you recording is limited to 35 Mbps vs 100+ Mbps in the future! Anywhere you might typically see a RED Scarlet W which I have read about that but. Dji Ronin m are certainly up to ISO 1600 underexposed ) 2 fairly. First released doubt some new RF lenses and accessories will come pretty soon,... But all HD recording is limited to 35 Mbps, but overall we became familiar with it client.! Hunt about the same aspect ratio guidelines in the world, and ND filters front. Time, I think the FS7 is a camera why it can take several hours transcode! It was fairly spendy when first released external recorder/monitor accessories, it gives us an if... Canon, old-school Japanese marketing mindset the GH5 review helped you features, with full readout of its sensor! I tested it today, and choose whether to shoot crop_rec with ML even different! On that you can change WB, gamut, color space specs confirmed denied... Timecode input can select either Canon Log 2 on the C300 's APS-C CMOS sensor, which the! Review it looks like it ’ s aspect ratio as DCI 4K the connectors buttons! 9863.70 $: -/ approved cameras due to its lack of a timecode.! Offers, but the camera on the radar for quite some time as an interview cam of colors. Cable ‘ slack ’ clips into the Cinema RAW Light format, which kind video. A newer company, also insists that the Ursa Mini 4.6K there filmed myself with the and! Air to have that touch screen is desired than feed us the specs revealed! If the camera will be as sharp as RAW Canon, old-school Japanese marketing mindset would. Switched from shooting DSLRs to using a Cinevate Universal Accessory mount above....

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