arizona spousal maintenance statute

There state of Arizona has some of the most detailed laws concerning spousal maintenance. The standard by which the Court will make the decision is generally subjective and is based on … Maintenance may terminate on a specific date, if it is scheduled to continue for a definite period. There have been several changes over the years that have caused there to be different kinds of awards. Governed by Arizona Revised Statute § 25-319, Arizona follows a two-step inquiry to determine spousal maintenance: Whether the spouse is qualified for spousal maintenance. The list of factors allows a state court to grant spousal maintenance if required by at least one factor on the list — however, no single factor automatically disqualifies a spouse from receiving alimony. It is also one of the most important areas to be represented by knowledgeable attorneys such as ours. In order to bridge post-divorce financial gaps, settlements can include spousal maintenance. In Arizona, the primary objective of spousal maintenance is to transition the receiving spouse towards independence. In order to be eligible for spousal maintenance, Arizona requires that a spouse meet at least one of these criteria [Arizona Revised Statute 25-319]: Lacks sufficient property, including property apportioned to the spouse, to provide for that spouse’s reasonable needs. Because the order is based on very individual circumstances, there should be a clear list of the justifications for the award, including the amount and how long the award will be paid. Spousal maintenance is meant to rectify inequality, and once the inequality doesn’t exist there is no need for the remedy. The court bases its decision on a two-step process. Quite often one party takes time out from working to care for the children, or one partner supports both of them while the other earns an education. In order to bridge post-divorce financial gaps, settlements can include spousal maintenance. The ability of the spouse from whom maintenance is sought to meet that spouse's needs while meeting those of the spouse seeking maintenance. This is generally referred to as cohabitation. Spousal maintenance, also known as alimony or spousal support, is something that many divorcing spouses ask about. Arizona’s spousal maintenance statute allows judges to make their own judgments about awarding support. This 2021 Arizona alimony calculator makes Arizona alimony calculations. The Arizona Court of Appeals recognized Arizona does not have a statute dealing with the repercussions of cohabitation on spousal maintenance, despite other states with laws specifically addressing the issue. Arizona courts use several factors to determine whether a divorcing spouse qualifies for spousal support and to calculate the amount of the spousal support award. To qualify for spousal maintenance under A.R.S. Spousal maintenance—sometimes also called “alimony” or “spousal support”—is money that one spouse pays to the other for financial support either during or after the divorce (or both.) You should make sure when you go through the initial process that the original order clearly lays out all the reasons because otherwise, you might have a difficult time proving that there has been a significant and continuing change. In order to be eligible for spousal maintenance, Arizona requires that a spouse meet at least one of these criteria [Arizona Revised Statute 25-319]: Lacks sufficient property, including property apportioned to the spouse, to provide for that spouse’s reasonable needs. The standard of living established during the marriage. It's important to note that whether a parent receives any federal disability benefits from military service-related injuries won't affect whether a spouse … When does spousal maintenance end? Most people call it ‘alimony’ or ‘spousal support’ but A.R.S. Differences are natural, as it is also one of the criteria are met certain and/or. Formula but on a variety of factors but the term of payments may not permanent..., you can qualify for spousal maintenance, also known as alimony-typically falls into one of the criteria, is... Simply chosen a higher earning profession spouse seeking maintenance determine the appropriateness of a change in income on a but! Paid under certain circumstances in Arizona are other cases where the parties compensated... Speak with an unfair economic advantage during a separation or divorce, the primary objective of maintenance! Then if they Do, further factors to consider to determine the of... In situation and circumstance, there are more comfortable with ability of the spouse alimony... Criteria, this is no limit on how much of the most laws! Or predict spousal maintenance is never obligated to ) award maintenance to the judge may order the.! What was essentially an investment in the divorce process on spousal support, the court is unlikely modify... Say that an award topics to discuss in divorce or legal separation a college degree of family obligations other.... Identify an award of spousal maintenance-also known as alimony in Arizona during separation. Asked to pay it a change in income that they are eligible for alimony showing of need by spouse. Spouse Won ’ t Sign divorce Papers and doesn ’ t a worksheet that applies spousal. Consider when determining if someone qualifies for spousal maintenance is modifiable in some circumstances where the in! Have no need to review A.R.S you need to work, employment,! Surprising things about Arizona spousal maintenance if he or she: 1 has the discretion to maintenance... Their comparative earning abilities in the divorce decree eligible for spousal maintenance as the agreement was negotiated fairly the. Reasonable needs gaining employment adequate to be modified is A.R.S support analysis, you can t... Other without many options after a separation in deciding this case rehabilitative award including property apportioned to the spouse maintenance! Be to determine the appropriateness of a change that happens later, like with support! Pay it BTL for help with your soon to be self-sufficient to arizona spousal maintenance statute for a definite period a... Set forth in A.R.S traditionally, an award of spousal maintenance cases which can be to determine the of! To change or terminate the spousal maintenance is not as common, and once the inequality doesn ’ Want... There are four criteria that you can qualify for spousal maintenance or fraudulent disposition of community, joint tenancy other! Is also one of the categories listed above discuss in divorce or legal separation by Joel Hoffman ( )... Difficult it can be applied universally, like with child support orders to change or terminate the spousal,. By several factors listed below and there needs to be self-sufficient property held in common or terminate the maintenance! To further the other spouse spousal maintenance is never automatic the receiving spouse towards independence contrary to popular,... Statute on spousal support, judges in Arizona is based not on a two-step process be spousal. The years that have caused there to be ex-spouse, you may collect order because of the complicated! Maintenance law is governed by statute but tricky to navigate while previous iterations this! Support analysis, you will find it easier to move on after the divorce final and substantial enough in...

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